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LotV Beta patch notes

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General Gameplay Changes

    Half of the mineral patches have 1500 (same as HotS), and the other half have 750.
    Vespene Geysers’ max Vespene reduced from 2500 to 1700.
    Starting worker count increased from 6 to 12 for all races.
    All races have had the supply contribution of their town hall structures increased.
        Command Center: Increased from 11 to 15 supply
        Hatchery: Increased from 2 to 6 supply
        Nexus: Increased from 10 to 14 supply
    Unit “Scan Range”
        Increased for ground units from “5” to a unit’s “Weapon Range + 0.5”.
        Increases for ground units with upgrades that increase Weapon Range.
    Game speed altered to match that of real time.
        Tooltips now match game timer at all speeds.

Racial Changes


    New Unit: Cyclone
        A ranged Factory unit that can attack both air and ground units and use the Lock On ability.
        Ability – Lock On: Locks onto a target, drastically increasing range and rate of fire for 14 seconds.
        Increased the number of attacks from 1 to 2, halved damage and bonus damage.
    Siege Tank
        Can now be picked up and dropped while in Siege Mode.
        New Upgrade- Hyperflight Rotors: Increases Banshee’s movement speed by 1.0.
        New Ability - Tactical Jump: After 4 seconds, warp to any target location. Battlecruiser is invulnerable while it is warping.
        Point Defense Drone duration decreased from 180 seconds to 20 seconds.
        Durable Materials now increases PDD duration by 10 seconds.
    Missile Turret
        Requirement changed from Engineering Bay to Barracks.
        High Impact Payload removed.


    New Unit: Ravager
        A morph off of the Roach which has increased stats and can use Corrosive Bile.
        Ability – Corrosive Bile: Corrosive Bile is a mortar-style area of effect skill-shot which impacts after a short delay once fired. The impact strikes both air and ground units, destroying any Force Fields it comes in contact with.
    New Unit: Lurker
        Tier 2 siege unit that can perform a line-based area of effect ground attack while burrowed.
        Morphs off of the Hydralisk, and requires a Lurker Den.
        Tunneling Claws has been removed. Roaches can now always move while burrowed.
            Burrow move speed increased on Creep after Glial Reconstitution is researched.
        Added morph to Lurker.
        Grooved Spines removed, +1 range added to Muscular Augments.
        New Ability – Caustic Spray: Channeled ability that initially deals 5 damage per second to any building. Damage is increased to 25 damage per second after 6 seconds.
        Removed Corruption Ability.

    Swarm Host
        Cost modified from 200 Minerals and 100 Vespene to 100 Minerals and 200 Vespene.
        Supply cost increased from 3 to 4.
        Movement speed increased from 2.25 to 2.95.
        Swarm Hosts now require the Burrow research in order to burrow.
        Swarm Hosts no longer collide with Locusts.
        Spawn Locusts
            Auto-cast removed, Spawn Locusts must now be manually cast.
            Spawn Locusts cooldown increased from 25 seconds to 60 seconds.
            Casting Spawn Locusts no longer requires a Swarm Host to be burrowed.
        Weapon speed increased from .8 to .6.
        Locust duration increased from 15 seconds (+10 seconds with Enduring Locusts) to 30 seconds.
    Adrenal Glands
        Attack speed bonus increased from 18.6% to 40%.
    Infestation Pit
        Enduring Locusts – This upgrade has been removed.
        New upgrade: Flying Locusts - Allows Locusts spawned by Swarm Hosts to fly. Flying Locusts can use Swoop.
            Requires Lair.
            Cost is 200 Minerals, 200 Vespene, 160 seconds.
            Swoop: Orders the Locust to land at the targeted location, allowing it to attack.
    Nydus Worm
        Invulnerable while constructing.
        New ability - Parasitic Bomb: Latch onto an air unit, dealing 90 damage over 7 seconds to that unit and any air units around it. Effect persists for the remaining duration if the target is destroyed.
        Chitinous Plating: Bonus armor increased from +2 to +4.


    New Unit: Adept
        A slow-moving harassment unit from the Gateway that can use Psionic Transfer.
        Ability – Psionic Transfer: Projects an invulnerable Psionic Image that can move but not attack. After 7 seconds, the Adept teleports to the image’s location.
    New Unit: Disruptor
        A light-mechanical unit from the Robotics Facility that can use Purification Nova.
        Ability – Purification Nova: Once activated, the Disruptor becomes invulnerable and gains increased movement speed. After 4 seconds, the Disruptor emits a massive blast dealing AoE damage in a circle and immediately becomes vulnerable again, also losing its speed boost.
    Mothership (Core)
        Time Warp maximum radius increased from 3.5 to 8. The Time Warp will now appear small at first and grow over time, and will not slow units until reaching maximum size.
    Warp Prism
        Pick up range has been greatly increased to 7.
        Removed Hardened Shield Ability.
        New Ability – Barrier: Immortal gains a 100 damage shield for 3 seconds.
        Base damage reduced by 20%.
        Removed Envision.
        Revelation now tags cloaked and burrowed units, revealing them for 60 seconds. Cost reduced from 75 to 50 energy.
        New Ability – Stasis Ward: Constructs a cloaked trap on target location. When triggered, enemy units in proximity are trapped in stasis for 30 seconds.
        Removed damage bonus against massive units.
        New Ability – Disintegration: Deals 500 damage over 80 seconds to target unit.
        Build time reduced from 120 seconds to 90 seconds.
        New Ability – Release Interceptors: Launches Interceptors to fight at target area for 60 seconds.

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Prvi LotV Beta Patch & utisci


    Mineral amounts changed from 100%/50% to 100%/60%


    Warp-in duration decreased from 8 to 5.


        Added new ability.
            Toss a grenade which, after 2 seconds, causes 10 area of effect damage and knockback.
            Cooldown is 10 seconds.
        Can no longer target air by default.
        New Upgrade: Surface to Air Targeting.
            Allows Cyclone to target air.
            Requires Fusion Core.
            Researched from Factory Tech Lab.
            Cost 100/100.
            Research time: 110.
        Unit radius increased from 0.625 to 0.75.
        Unit scale increased by 15%.


        Weapon period changed from 0.8 to 1.6.
        Weapon range reduced from 6 to 4.
    Swarm Host
        Cost changed to 200/100 and requires 3 supply.
        Flying locusts no longer requires research.
        Locust health down from 65 to 50.
        Swarm hosts can now move while burrowed.


sos: http://us.battle.net/sc2/en/blog/18792770/legacy-of-the-void-beta-balance-update-april-28-2015-4-28-2015



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In-Game Clock

First, we’d like to inquire once more on the in-game clock changing to real time. This change is looking positive so far, so we’d like to start thinking about committing to making this change for Legacy of the Void. On our end, we see the advantages and disadvantages of going either way, and we’d really love to rely on you all to make a call in this area that you feel is best. The only thing we must avoid is having an option to go back and forth between the HotS clock and a real-time clock. We are sure that this will be  confusing, especially when viewing various events that use different clocks.

Automated Tournament Game-Length

The second thing we want to address also relates to time. As you likely know, the StarCraft II development team is currently working on an automated tournament feature. Just as it was in Warcraft 3 automated tournaments, we can’t have two people that play for hours drag out a result for everyone else in the same automated tournament. The solution that we are currently testing for this dilemma is to end every automated tournament game at the 30 min mark (~42 min or so in HoTS time), at which point the winner is determined by whichever player earned more XP in that game.  This number itself isn’t final, and we’ll be looking at how the actual tournament games turn out. We can easily tune this as needed when we start testing automated tournaments.

Stalemate Limits

When exploring this specific concept for automated tournaments, we also wondered if every melee game in SC2 should also have a rule like this to prevent long, boring, dragged out games in the future. We believe with the Swarm Host fix, as well as how so many changes in LoTV cater heavily towards aggressive play, the chances of 2-3+ hour games happening in the future is quite low. However, we also know that some dragged out games have happened due to players trolling, or other player behaviors that can’t be controlled. To avoid this, we are considering putting a time limit on standard melee games around the 1.5 hour mark or so since this seems to be beyond the longest a legitimate game could go. We are only beginning to consider this idea, and we wanted to hear your thoughts on this subject in order to make a better decision.

Now, let move on and discuss the specific changes we’re thinking about for the next balance update.
Balance Changes

Mothership Core & Mothership

    Mass Recall cost reduced from 100 energy to 50 energy

With the resource changes in LotV, we agree that Protoss seems to be struggling the most when it comes to defending bases at various locations. We believe that decreasing the cost of Mass Recall is a good change, in that it will both help Protoss players defend multiple bases easier, and also allow them to play more aggressive throughout the early/mid stages of the game.


    Movement speed increased from 1.41 to 1.88 to match the Mothership Core
    Same abilities as Mothership Core + Cloaking Field

Previously, we were exploring a lot of new abilities and ideas on this front. For now however, we have decided to make the Mothership simply a much improved version of the Mothership Core. Mothership Core abilities are critical throughout the course of the game, but towards the end of the game, the Mothership Core becomes an extremely fragile unit. Therefore, we’d like to try having the Mothership be just a better version of the Mothership Core that no longer has trade-offs for its increased stats.

Oracle Stasis: Forced Auto-cast

We’re seeing certain strategies with the Oracle’s Stasis ability where players are stacking the ability several times, and then manually detonating them over time to indefinitely leave units in Stasis. With our focus on constant combat, this is obviously something that we have no desire for and this change should effectively end this behavior.

Brood Lord

    Range increased to 11
    No longer has the frenzied passive

We’ve been exploring potential changes to the Brood Lord, and we’ve recently settled on a range increase to differentiate the unit further from other tech options Zerg has at that tier. Additionally, we’re removing the passive ability of Frenzy now since it is not needed. For context, this ability was added back when ZvZ defensive Swarm Host + mass Spore Crawler was an issue, but now that the issue is gone, we no longer see the need for this ability to protect Brood Lords from the Viper’s abduct.

Upgraded Zealot speed increased from 2.75 to 2.953

With the addition of the Adept, the Zealots role has been reduced in the later stages game. To adjust for this, we decided to make a mid/late game buff to Zealots that makes the Zealots be a more ideal choice in certain situations compared to the Adept. Alternatively, we could have toned down the effectiveness of the Adept, but overall we agree with the community opinion that Protoss isn’t as powerful as the other two races currently, so we felt this change was best.

Lurker damage changed from 30 damage to 20 +10 vs. armored

We feel that the counter to mass Lurkers is too heavily leaning towards mass air. We’d like to try out this change in order to see if we can get more ground based interactions against the Lurker. With the unique way that Lurker’s deal damage, it would be great to see more micro against players using Lurkers.

Disruptor gains unit type: Armored

The Disruptor survives for a bit too long even when caught off guard, and we didn’t want to do a big nerf to the unit yet, so we picked something small in adding that +armored damage units will deal more damage against them. It’s also convenient that the unit looks armored, so this felt like a good change to test out.

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Liberator added to the Starport
Liberator is an AA splash damage unit that can target a specific ground location to deal high single-target damage to enemy units in that location.

Mech air and ground upgrades are split again
With the updates to the Starport units as well as the Liberator add, we felt the Starport is rounded enough to split into two different upgrades again. This will create more specific choices in unit composition and strategies in Terran matchups. Our hope here is that we see a good variety in the Barracks/Factory/Starport units be used in various matchups and situations.

Cleaned up structure subgroup priorities
We heard your feedback regarding subgroup priorities for structures in SC2. We did a cleanup pass on all three races in this area, so please check it out. After these changes, subgroup priorities will generally be as follows: Production buildings > global upgrade buildings > buildings with one time upgrades.

Geyser amount increased to 2000 (to match the ratio of new minerals)
We’re currently seeing that the last mineral amount tweaks are working out well for the game. Therefore, we cleaned up the Vespene Geyser amounts to be equal to the ratio of the current mineral patches per base.

Roach burrow move now requires an upgrade again
Roach burrow move is another area we’ve cleaned up. We felt the double buff in this area was too much. To remedy this, we decided to keep the speed buff for Burrow move Roaches, and added the Tunneling Claws upgrade back. We feel that the strategic choice this upgrade provides as an investment option on Roaches is cool, thus factoring in to the decision to revert this nerf from the two changes we did in this area.

Swarm host doesn’t burrow move
The new Swarm Host is looking good so far, but we wanted to reduce the number of complexity on this unit by removing its ability to burrow move. Going forward, if Swarm Host needs to be changed,  we’ll be looking to make numbers changes, and avoiding adding rule changes that add to the complexity of the unit.

Missile turret build requirement changed back to engineering bay
We felt this change didn’t get used much, and the choice to just build Turrets easily didn’t feel like a good add to the game.

 sos: http://us.battle.net/sc2/en/blog/19254692


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    Gas geysers now contain 2000 gas.


    New Unit: Liberator
        Mechanical Air Unit
        Fires 2 missiles that deal 7 splash damage to air units.
        Can be deployed to attack ground units, losing mobility and anti-air attack.
            While deployed, the Liberator attacks any ground units in the target zone for 85 damage.
            Single target damage.
            Cannot attack buildings while deployed.
    Vehicle and Ship Weapon upgrades have been separated again.
    Adjusted building subgroup priorities to the following:
        Command Center  >  Planetary Fortress
        Barracks  >  Factory > Starport
        Engineering Bay > Armory


        Reverted ability to Corruption but now can be auto-cast.
    Swarm Hosts
        Can no longer move while burrowed.
        Burrow movement once again needs to be researched.
    Adjusted building subgroup priorities to the following:
        Hatchery > Lair > Hive
        Evolutionary Chamber > Spire > Greater Spire
        Hydralisk Den > Lurker Den


    Adjusted building subgroup priorities to the following:
        Gateway > Robotics > Stargate

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Velike promene :

Currently, we’re looking at two options here.

Option 1:

  • Spawn larva is autocast by default, but spawn only 3 larva.
  • Mule efficiency is nerfed by 20% or so.
  • Chrono boost cost increased to 50, and efficiency not quite doubled.

The thought here is that because efficiency is nerfed overall, it’s not as big of a deal to not do these mechanics spot on all the time.

Option 2:

  • Cut chrono
  • Cut mule
  • Spawn larva is autocast by default, but spawn only 2 larva

sos: http://kotaku.com/blizzard-is-quietly-making-huge-changes-to-starcraft-ii-1722892531

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Ne bih da otvaram novu temu o necemu sto mozda nece ni da zazivi betu... Ali sta vi ljudi mislite o ovim promenama za macro? Cini mi se da od svega sto je uvedeno i sto se pricalo da ce mozda biti, ovo su najvece moguce promene, jer ce mnogo toga promeniti. Bukvalno ce izmeniti igru iz korena.

Ja sam licno protiv opcije 1 i 2, vec za malo izmenjenu opciju 1. Npr, da se napravi da sve te macro mekahnike budu znacajne, ali ne i neophodne, tako da ljudi koji su na visem nivou koriste sve kao i do sad jer ce im dati prednost u odnosu na protivnika, ali za nize lige, ako je problem da se igraci fokusiraju, da nije opterecenje ako se ne koriste. Npr: Sad ako ne uradis larva inject u toku bitke, i izgubis bitku, to znaci da si izgubio partiju. Mozda da se to istonira tako da bude da larva inject daje dodatne 2 larve, ali da se larva brze spawnuje ako se ne koristi inject, tako da ako se koristi inject, dobija se mala prednost, ali ne znaci da je velik problem ako se ne koristi. Mule da ima efektivnost kao SCV, pa je onda veca opcija da li da se koristi za repair, da se sacuva scan, ili da se iskoristi za boost ekonomije. Za chrono nemam ideju koja je bolja od predlozene u opciji 1. Naravno, sve ovo bi trebalo izbalansirati, ali onako grubo, to je neko moje misljenje sta bi trebalo uraditi, ako ce vec da se dira macro mehanika.

Video sam da na Blizzardovim forumima publika podeljena, pa me interesuje sta vi mislite o promenama?

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Da postedim FasumAgu :)


Novi patch donosi velike promene:


The first iteration of Automated Tournaments has been added.
This feature can be accessed by clicking on ‘Tournaments’ on the home screen.
Read our blog to learn more.
Showing possible enemy placements on a map has been increased to 25 seconds.


Removed Chrono Boost.
Warp Gate research time reduced to 140 from 160.
Nexus provides 11 supply up from 10.
Charge now deals 30 damage on hit.
Charge speed buff reduced to 2.75, down from 2.95.
Warp Gate
Warping in units at a Pylon increased to 16 seconds, up from 5.
Warping in units at a Pylon that is near a Warp Gate or a Nexus will take 2 seconds.
Purification Nova removed.
New ability: Disruptor shoots out a ball of energy that can be controlled and detonates after a few seconds, dealing 145 damage and 55 damage to shields.
If the Disruptor is destroyed before the energy ball detonates, it will fail to explode.
Build time reduced to 50 seconds from 60.


Calldown: MULE has been removed.
Lock On damage reduced to 300 over 20 sec.
Can use Lock ON against air units; deals 120 damage over 20 sec.
New Upgrade: Increases Lock On damage to 600 over 20 sec against ground units and 360 over 20 sec for air units.
Removed faster unload upgrade.
New upgrade increases Ignite Afterburners by 50%.


Spawn Larva
Spawns 2 larva, down from 4.
Set to autocast by default.
Bug Fixes

Fixed an issue that caused clicking sounds when launching StarCraft II for Windows 10 users.


Source: http://us.battle.net/sc2/en/blog/19850026/legacy_of-the-void-beta-patch-255-8-20-2015

Edited by denikarabenc

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