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Heroes of the Storm Četvrti Beta Key GIveaway

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And the WInners are:


  1. Stefan553
  2. jovica94555
  3. Maestro
  4. RoadBurner22
  5. nemanja123
  6. Neith
  7. kobaya
  8. glitchcity
  9. RaggaBlade
  10. Mousie
  11. aleksa123
  12. DexterSRB
  13. WayWick
  14. nindza22
  15. anth57
  16. Nekromanser
  17. nigel
  18. nikolakolani
  19. LanmiX
  20. carneero

Vise srece drugi put:

  1. fickofica
  2. zecccc
  3. Loty
  4. Milan11
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