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HotS official giveaway

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Evo blizzard je napravio giveaway na oficijalnoj fejsbuk strani za HotS (4000)...Cudi me da niko jos nije okacio ovde:o





edit:  Plus ovo za one koji su u alphi vec:)



If you have Tech Alpha access and are up to the challenge, all you’ll need to do is to reach Player Level 20 in Heroes of the Storm between Tuesday, October 7 and Tuesday, November 18, 2014. Upon doing so, you’ll be automatically entered into a random drawing, in which thousands of lucky players will be selected to invite all of their regional Battle Tag and Real ID friends to join them in Technical Alpha testing! While we’re announcing this promotion today, we wanted to make sure to include the dedicated players who have already been playing since last week’s patch, which included our final planned account wipe.

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opalaaaaa, dobio keyyyy danas. smile.png)) poslije nedobijanja svih mogucih wow-ovih i diablovih beti, osim HS bete konacno nesto biggrin.png

Ortak je isto dobio key pre oko nedelju dana,izgleda da su poceli ozbiljno da se otvaraju za keyeve ali mene i dalje zaobilaze:)

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