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Patch 2.1 - Legendarni Gemovi

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Lista legendarnih gemova i njihovih primarnih i sekundarnih affixa



Gem of Damage after Elite Pack
Primary: Gain 30% increased damage for 20 seconds after killing an elite pack.
Secondary: Increases damage against elites by 20%.

Gem of Increased Damage Against CCed Enemies
Primary: Increase damage against enemies under the effects of control-impairing effects by [VALUE]%.
Secondary: Gain an aura that reduces the movement speed of enemies within 12 yards by [VALUE]%.

Gem of Steady Aim
Primary: Damage you deal is increased by [VALUE]% for every 10 yards between you and the enemy hit.
Secondary: [VALUE]% chance on hit to Stun the enemy for 1 second.

Gem of Primary Skill Hit Harder
Primary: Increase the damage of primary skills by [VALUE]%.
Secondary: Primary skills heal you for 2% of maximum health on hit.

Gem of Mini-Conduit
Primary:15% chance on hit to gain a mini-Conduit buff, dealing [VALUE]% weapon damage as Lightning every second to nearby enemies for 3 seconds.
Secondary: While under the effect of the mini-Conduit, gain [VALUE]% increased movement speed.

Gem of Poison DoT Debuff
Primary: Poison all enemies hit for [{VALUE1}*100]% weapon damage over 10 seconds.
Secondary: All enemies you poison take [{VALUE1}*100]% increased damage from all sources.

Gem of Deep Wounds
Primary: Critical hits cause the enemy to bleed for [VALUE]% weapon damage as Physical over 3 seconds.
Secondary: Gain Blood Frenzy, granting you [VALUE]% increased Attack Speed for each bleeding enemy within 20 yards.

Gem of Holy Smite
Primary: 15% chance on hit to smite a nearby enemy for [VALUE]% weapon damage as Holy.
Secondary: Periodically smite a nearby enemy.

Gem of Increased Attack Speed
Primary: [VALUE]% chance on hit to increase your Attack Speed by 2% for 3 seconds, stacking up to 10 times.
Secondary: Also Gain [VALUE]% Cooldown Reduction per stack.

Gem of Damage Reduction while CCed
Primary: While under any control-impairing effects, reduce all damage taken by [VALUE]%.
Secondary: Heal for [VALUE]% of maximum life when hit by control-impairing effect.

Gem of Pet Crit Chance
Primary: Increase the Critical Hit Chance of your pets by [VALUE]%.
Secondary: Your pets are unkillable.

Gem of Stagger Damage
Primary: 50% of all damage taken is instead staggered and dealt to you over [VALUE] seconds.
Secondary: [VALUE]% chance on kill to clear all staggered damage.

Gem of Goldsplosion
Primary: [VALUE]% chance on killing an enemy to cause an explosion of gold.
Secondary: Gain [VALUE]% increased movement speed for 3 seconds after picking up gold.

Gem of Increased Damage after Spending Resource
Primary: Gain 1% increased damage for 3 seconds after spending primary resource. This effect stacks up to [VALUE times. Gaining a stack refreshes all existing stacks.
Secondary: Gain 1% increased Armor for every stack.

Gem of Reduced Level Requirement No datamined info for this particular gem.

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I idu samo u prstenje i ogrlice, te su nadogradivi na kraju Većih Riftova.

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ma daj ovo je uslovljavanje za da se zrtvuje neki bitan stat za socket u ringu ili amuletu

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