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  2. Introduction: Nibiru is a horde guild currently stationed at the EU-Tarren Mill Realm. We are oriented primarily on PvE content which does not mean that PvP players are not welcome at all. A brief history of our story is actually the way and manner in which we came up with the idea Nibiru. In short, all core members of Nibiru were until some time scattered in various other guilds and after a while we came to a common idea that everyone should gather up in one story and continue progress toward end game content as Nibiru guild. Our goal is to form an AWESOME raid group which will be able to progress smoothly in WOD-s end game content while maintaining good atmosphere in both raids and guild. Join us and enjoy all your daily activities with our helpful community! :cool: Raid times: Wednesday: 20:30 - 00:00 Thursday: 20:30 - 00:00 Sunday: 20:30 - 00:00 Monday (optional) : 20:30 - 23:00 NOTE: WE require a 90% attendance Current progress: Highmaul (N) - 7/7 Highmaul (HC) - 7/7 Highmaul (M) - 1/7 Recruitment: We are looking for dedicated raiders to fill our 20 man CORE group for Mythic content. All classes and exceptional players are welcome! Raiders expectations: - Strong knowledge of your class/role/spec - Being on time for raid (15 minutes before raid starts) - Being able to speak/write proper English and be communicative on TS3 (working mic) - Always prepared for raid (flask, pots, knowledge of tactics...) - Positive attitude and rock solid raid performance What can we offer to our raiders: - STRONG Leadership with a lot of experience. - Drama free raiding and friendly atmosphere - Always active TS3 server 24/7 - Loot rewards for your exceptional performance Loot system in <NIBIRU> is loot council supported with EPGP. If u have WHAT IT TAKES and you feel u`re the right player for <NIBIRU> apply at : http://www.nibiruguild.shivtr.com/ or please contact any of the officers: VasDeSade#2576 (Anunnaki - GM) KIZA#2902 (Titò - Officer) Milan#2908 (Psyrlock - Officer) Ujack#2894 (Ujack - Officer)