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  1. Forum Skin

    Ok, I understood, I have to buy this skin. Free is impossible? Maybe yes heheh I understand the policy of the skin... Thanks ;D
  2. Forum Skin

    What's up? Hy, my name is Sieg, I live in Brazil. I visited your forum and I realy loved your skin in this forum, guy, you're good in this hehehe. I have one guild in World of Warcraft (USA) too, but in the Gurubashi realm, We have one forum like your forum, but our forum use one old skin, and for to be honest, the skin wich we use is too ugly. Like I said, I realy like your skin in this forum. We wanna use this skin in our forum (one forum not about only WoW, but about our guild, we have the forum for years). If Can you help me please, I wanna the files of this skin. If you wanna give me the files necessaries to use this skin in my forum, I realy be grateful for this. I talked with the admin of this forum, but He didn't answer me, maybe here He can see my post ;D Answer me in e-mail please: rodox_1001@hotmail.com vagabundocomosempre@gmail.com Thanks, Sieg.